Hello, I'm Matias Szarfer.

I'm a full-stack software engineer.



A Chrome Extension to summarize texts based on OpenAI.

I've developed a Chrome Extension to create summaries of texts, using the OpenAI API. It works well, and it does a good job. Other software just removes unnecessary words from the text, while Brief.ly re-writes the whole text, paraphrasing it to make it more understandable.


Webpage for students' union.

WordPress web page design for a student union in Spain. Access to the administrator using WordPress easy to use CMS system.


An app that helps patients quitting alcohol and tobacco.

I contributed to this app when I worked at 8Wires. We made it for Karolinska hospital, one of the most important ones in Europe. We used React Native for the app, Python for the backend, and React for the administrator panel.

Kosher App Spain

List of Kosher products in Spain.

I did this app for a client. Fully designed in React Native for the app, Django (Python) for database and backend. One of the challenges was to obtain barcodes for each product, with a poorly populated database. We made a Google Scraper for that.


Kudu helps you organize your social life.

We also made this app at 8Wires, and it was exciting because we were creating a new StartUp. One of my proudest contributions was to optimize the performance of the app near ten times, from ~3s to 300ms.

Sefer page

Barcelona's book festival in 2020.

As a freelance, I did web design and development for the Sefer Barcelona book festival. One of the main challenges was to finish the whole website with a dynamic program in less than two weeks, which was accomplished.

Geolocation techniques based on Push Notifications

Research on a technique for obtaining devices' geolocation.

For a research study developed at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, they needed a hybrid app to collect devices' geolocation. The main challenge was to do it in the background with React and React Native.

Covid-19 Contact Tracing research

Android app to help researchers investigating a contact tracing algorithm.

As a freelancer, I was hired to develop a Proof Of Concept for the contact tracing algorithm that Barcelona Supercomputing Center was developing to help to stop the spread of Covid-19 infection.


Curated 1:1 professional connections between people with similar goals and same values.

I developed and designed this platform to connect people in Ruby on Rails. It has a user management system as well as an administration panel that allows the admin to create matches between similar people.


Launched my first StartUp.

In 2021, I launched Velox, a chat for remote teams. Velox solves the problem of the organization of messages better than anyone else. In Velox, you can create different conversations for different topics. You can also create your domain and implement addresses for your team.

About me

I live in Barcelona, Spain. I work as a freelance software engineer while I finish my Master's Degree in Computer Science. As a freelancer, I've done everything. From bug solving to some cool webs and apps. You can check right in the section above!

I'm also an entrepreneur. I've always thought we need to do something for the world, and creating something to make people's lives easier is my way of giving. I've recently launched Velox.chat, a platform to help remote teams communicating better. I actually did that using Ruby on Rails, a framework I had never used before, just for the pleasure of learning. In fact, I always try to improve my skills and I define myself as a curious person.

My philosophy when working is being honest. Both for clients or as an employee of a company, I need to believe in what I'm working on. I always try to find the best solutions for problems and implement the most suitable project.

I'm a full-stack developer, which means I have skills to code both for frontend and backend. My main languages are JS, CSS, and HTML, as well as React, and Ruby On Rails. I'm also used to code in C++ and Python, both for backend and other stuff like Machine Learning, algorithms, etc. Secondary coding skills include C, SQL, Angular, Ionic, Java, C#, and libraries like Bootstrap and Tailwind. For DevOps, I normally do it myself for my own projects. So I'm familiar with platforms like Firebase, AWS, GitHub, Heroku, or Docker. Also, I'm a Linux lover! I normally use Ubuntu, but I've also used Debian and Deepin.

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